Have Your Mermaid Tail & Design It Too

For a Limited Time Only, You can now Personalize the Design of your Mermaid Tail. Choose to modify an existing design or create something new and original.

All designs will be made by tail artist Kristie Foster

from $498.98

Ordering is Simple as 1 - 2 - 3
Current Production Time for Custom Tails is 12 Weeks

1. Place Your Order

Select the following options on the Custom Tail Product Page. You will choose:

A. Choose the Tail Fluke Shape

B. Select Your Tail Size

C. Select whether you prefer a change to an existing design (Semi Custom-Colors Only) or a Full Custom

2. Chat with Kristie

This is a perfect opportunity to establish your own "Mersona" and stand apart from the rest of the pod.

Let's make some Mer-Magic Happen ;)

3. Let us Do the Rest

Kristie will present you a virtual proof for you to approve or make revisions. Once edits are complete and your tail is perfect, your approval will send everything into full production.

Our talented team will make your Custom Mermaid tail by hand and ship it anywhere in the world!

What to expect with a Full custom tail:
Includes side hip fins dorsal fins ankle or calf fins and pectoral fins and your original custom design.
What to expect from a Semi custom:
Includes a predesigned of a Shello Mermaid shaped tail, the amount of fins and shape of fins on your current base tail chosen along with a color change.
*Must be your own design, not a likeness of someone else's tail.
*No refunds or exchanges
*Shello Mermaid Tails is Not liable for items that don't fit based on your measurements.
*Color will vary from print as to what is shown on other platforms.
*Shello Mermaid Tails is not liable for any likeness to anyone else's tail, I do not know every design that is out in the merworld so please make sure your art is unique and original.You must show me where you got your ideas from before we get started.
*Production for Custom Tails takes up to 12 weeks before shipment, after a final design has been approved.

After Your Custom Design is Approved, Your Order Begins Production


PrePress Production


Print & Sublimation


Cut & Sew


Package & Ship

Every Tail is Made & Shipped in Colorado

Each and every Shello Mermaid Tail is made by hand, packaged and shipped in Colorado, USA. Every detail is considered and carefully crafted. Highly skilled professionals oversee all stages of manufacturing to ensure quality, performance and durability.

My team is extremely experienced, having already produced tens of thousands of high-end Swimmable Mermaid Tails for the past 5 years.

This new Small Batch approach will ensure exceptional quality while allowing for reliable and fast production.